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"I am more in the present moment, have an incredible calm center and have moments of spontaneous joy, that come from a different place. Not much stresses me at work anymore and I found myself noticing people's spiritual essence - beyond their personalities, which gives me more compassion for others. I know I will use this gift the rest of my life and am excited to see where it takes me!"
-Diane Lang, New Mexico

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Breathwork Testimonial from Christian Minson Breathwork Testimonial from Nadja Benschop Breathwork Testimonial from Ralf Hoeltgen Breathwork Testimonial from Jamie Brown

"For 10 years I practiced the highest techniques of Pranayama meditation as a monastic disciple in a Yogic order. My introduction to Transformational Breath opened me to an emotional dimension of being that pranayama did not address. As a Facilitator and Trainer, I have observed that practicing Transformational Breath allows many people easier access to comparable deep meditative states when they have had a difficult time with formal meditation practices." ~ Christian, California
"As a medical doctor, I started with a healthy critical approach to this work. Now, with years of solid experience as a facilitator and senior trainer the simplicity of this work never ceases to amaze me in how profound and consistent the effects are it brings to the physical, mental and emotional well being of those choosing to work with it. This may well be the most powerful technique available on earth towards the experience of wholeness, peace and harmony." ~ Nadja, The Netherlands
"When I found Transformational Breath in 2009 I was eleven years with leukemia and just diagnosed with skin cancer. I really didn't want to continue a senseless fight against cancer. But through Transformational Breath a crucial change took place. Body, Mind and Soul fused into a noticeable unit, negative thought patterns dissolved, my self-image and view toward disease changed into a peaceful, clear and forward-looking sight. I started to live life full of consciousness and to heal myself, without any chemotherapy or medicaments." ~ Ralf, Germany
"Transformational Breath has been a positive influence in my life. I've had to "manage" Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, TMJ, Mitral Valve Prolapse, PTSD, Sleep Apnea, Endometrosis and Hypothyroid for years. Doctors gave me all kinds of drugs and told me I couldn't live without them. In deep depression, I came across "Breathe Deep, Laugh Loudly", and went to one of Judith's workshops. I experienced love, joy, & harmony that I'd never felt before, and finally found what it was like to be in my body. Today, except for thyroid, I'm free of medications. " ~ Jamie, Idaho

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"...All the therapy treatments didn't cure the cancer, but the intensive Transformational Breath self-sessions healed me and saved my life. I thank God and you every day."
-Lily Hung, California

"Excellence is hard to describe but easy to recognize. I encounter it rarely enough that it makes a strong impression. Excellence comes from the heart and starts at the top. It was a privilege to participate in your program."
-Andy Erwin, Massachusetts

"I have always maintained a presence outside of my body and have never really felt grounded. I would breathe into my chest, not my abdomen. Just didn't know how to do it. This was the first time I have ever felt whole, connected and grounded. What I experienced in this workshop is truly miraculous. I have come home!!"
-Peter Korkosz, Lexington, MA

"My heartfelt gratitude and love for your sharing with the world of this wonderful technique of Transformational Breathing. My seminar week last year was a pivotal point in my life "
-Dominic Mutinyu, Kenya

"For the first time in ages I felt energy flowing throughout my body - arms, hands, legs, feet - I believe this is incredible work"
-Marie Manis, Somerville, MA

"Judith was great! It was really helpful, energetic, and enlivening to discover places that I was and wasn't breathing. With her gentle guidance I was able to breathe into and out of my heart."
-Andrea Eagles, Concord, MA

"Hi. I had several Transformational Breathing Sessions in Cincinnati. I loved it. It was a profound experience for me and 3 years later, I still do the breathing on my own. What a wonderful tool! Thank you."
-Kathy Luurtsema, Ohio

"I credit Transformational Breath with saving my life by getting me in touch with my will to live during a dark period in my life. I released lots of negative thinking patterns, received clarity in my life's purpose, relief from long held grievances, and receiving my intention to move into a life of joy, beauty and the sacred feminine."
-Alana Rose, Hawaii

"After my first session I could not believe myself. I was in a heaven. I felt so connected and loved. I feel abundant loved and connected. I have decided to train to share this work in my country. My thanks to Judith for making this available."
-Nilgul Tavsel, Turkey



"I can see how Transformational Breath could benefit everyone."
-- Norman Lear, TV Producer

"I have personally benefited from the gifts Judy brings to Breathwork, and I would highly recommend the benefits of her [Transformational Breath] course for pregnant women and those caring for them."
-- Dr. Christiane Northrup, MD, Author of "Women's Bodies" and "Women's Wisdom"

"I use Transformational Breathing to manage stress."
-- Goldie Hawn, Actress

"Judith Kravitz is the most impressive teacher for breathwork I have ever encountered in both the East and the West. Her techniques have the power to lead one to have a direct experience of liberation on many levels. You may call it a short cut to enlightenment."
-- Rinpoche Tulku Thubten, Tibetan Buddhist Lama

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