(As of July 20, 2017)

Personal Seminar:
$1500 - $1750 for the 6-day training.
Deposit is $500.
* Read our full Refund Policy before registering.

Level IV:
$3950 for the full 14 days of training.
Deposit is $700.
* Read our full Refund Policy before registering.

Level V:
$2500 for the 7-day experience.
Deposit is $700.
* Read our full Refund Policy before registering.

Weekend Intro Programs:
Range from $350 - $500.
Applies to the Presence of Breath™, Reclaim Your Breath™, and Reclaim Your SuperPowers™ events.
* Read our full Refund Policy before registering.

How Rates Vary

  • Venue - Our program rates may adhere to our host site's Price structure (e.g. Kripalu).
  • Economy - The regional or local Economy in some parts of the world may increase or decrease the program cost.
  • Trainer - Due to high demand, Dr. Judith Kravitz's rates would typically command the top-tier. Our other Trainers and Senior Trainers may sometimes offer a lower rate within range.

Discounts and Plans

Inquire about any of several discounts available.

  • Early Registration: Many events, especialy the weekends, offer a discount for paying in full before a certain date.
  • Multi-Program: Receive 10% off the Level IV if you pay before or during your Seminar week.
  • Couples: When two people register and pay together.
  • Seniors: Many 65 and over are on fixed incomes so we offer a partial scholarship on Seminar.
  • Children & Teens: Sometimes a family wishes to attend so we have partial scholarships for those 17 and under.
  • Payment Plans: Some events will allow payment schedule with multiple smaller credit card charges.



Tuition does not include
Room and Board
unless Program price says:

  • Call for available options.
  • Depending on event venue, & needs/preferences, accommodations can range from camping to high-end single occupancy rooms.
  • Food Plans also vary event to event.
  • Travel is handled by Trainee.
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Personal Seminar
w/ Judith
January 14 - 19, 2018
Delray Beach, FL USA

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