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November 2015 - Judith is part of the Soul Activators eBook / Series
TBF Judith has been selected to appear as one of 22 contributors to the Soul Activators eBook and the 22-Day Series.

Click to access the eBook, or grab it off of iTunes
Or take the 22-Day Journey.

We also have a Co-OP Page with the producers where you can get some Free Audio

January 2015 - New Company: TBF Reorganization
TBF The Transformational Breath Foundation has been reorganized as a for-profit concern under the name Breath Ventures, Inc. (BV) in the State of New Hampshire USA.

Transformational Breath Foundation is now a registered trade name owned by BV Inc. All assets, property, and obligations are transfeered to the new entity but the brand Transformational Breath® lives! As does our business identity: Transformational Breath Foundation.

For public corporate documents go to the About page.

June 2014 - New Audio CD: "Forgiveness"
Forgiveness CD cover Forgiveness & Creating The Ideal Life are the themes of our new CD... The Forgiveness track will be familiar if you've taken Seminar. The same powerful exercise that reaches so deep within the listener; now you can listen over and over.

Creating the Ideal Life is a meditation you may also recall. And a bonus, is a Guided Session for the TORUS BREATH™ that we brought to you some time ago. If you enjoyed our Infinity/Triune session, you will like this as well. At 36 minutes, it retails for $12.95 US, for the CD Version, and $10.95 for the Download Version.

April 2014 - TBF joins IBF and BBA
International Breathwork Foundation The Transformational Breath Foundation has joined the IBF (International Breathwork Foundation). They are the group that produces the annual Global Inspiration Conference that Judith has keynoted a number of times.

Another group is the Bulgarian Breathwork Association who has asked us to partnet with them. It shows how far we've come.
Bulgarian Breathwork Association

November 2013 - TIBA Africa's Joy Baby Care Project
TIBA Africa Joy Baby Care is trying to raise £2000 from 50 donors on the UK's GlobalGiving Fundraising website.

The stakes are high for the single moms in the slums of Nairobi. A successful fundraising here will be huge in helping to secure the project's future.
To Donate: Go to

November 2013 - Mobile Website enhanced
TBF For those on mobile devices, pur mobile-friendly website has been upgraded with a more modern look and extra content.
If on a mobile device you will likely arrive there automatically or can go to:

June 2013 - "Breathe Deep" translated into German.
Atme tief - Lebe intensiv Judith's book, "Breathe Deep, Laugh Loudly" has been translated into German.

"Atme tief - Lebe intensiv" is now avialble in download format; with complete Index at back.

One may Purchase the Book on our Online Store.
Click for a Sample from Chapters 1 and 14.
A Paperback edition is planned for Summer!

April 2013 - Our USA Level 5 site has been selected.
US Level 5 We have booked a site for the US Level 5 Training for 2013. It will be held at Duncan Conference Center in Delray Beach, Florida.

Level 5 Teacher Trainings are rare so don't miss out!

PDF Event Flyer.

March 2013 - TBF Training in Bulgaria
Seminar in Bulgaria For the first time, this website posts an event in Bulgaria. A Seminar with Christian Minson will run in the capital city of Sofia, May 24 - 29.

Looks like the start of something good!

PDF Event Flyer.

November 2012 - Continuing Education Hours with Transformational Breath®
TBF now has Continuing Education Credits / Contact Hours for NCBTMB and many other professions through Berkshire AHEC. Most are available nationwide. Check it out. Breathing makes all modalities better!

Continuing Education Page.
Continuing Education Page (from Mobile site).

July 2012 - Original Cognitive Research with Transformational Breath®
Ayca Ozturk Szapora of the Netherlands has completed with her team some peer-reviewed research on congnition, particularly with types of meditation. It involved Transformational Breath and found that it enhances what is called "divergent thinking" this is associated with creativity, finding alternative solutions to a problem, original thinking, and generating new ideas.

You can read more of the study on our . Science Page.
Science Page (from Mobile site).

July 2012 - "Into The Breath" DVD with Judith.
A long time in the making, this new DVD with Dr. Judith Kravitz, is the work of filmmaker Niklas Schrimpf, with the assistance of many others. It features 90 Minutes of compelling insights, step by step guidance, success stories and tricks of the trade by Dr. Judith Kravitz. See Judith work in-session.

While this DVD is the first offering by the Transformational Breath Foundation to provide some level of instruction it is not intended to be a substitute for professional facilitation. It will, however, get one started safely and to understand some of the basics taught in our Workshops and Trainings. Please locate a Facilitator in your area.

Available for purchase at our Store.

July 2012 - Breathing Mouthpieces Available.
Hard plastic mouthpieces perfect for keeping the mouth open during a breathing session. Hand washable with dish soap and warm water; re-usable.
Sold in a set of 4 for $5 (each piece is individually wrapped).

Available for purchase at our Store.

February 2012 - Mobile TBF site
The TBF has a mobile-friendly website available. A Mobile link can bring you there but if you are on a mobile device, chances are that you will be directed there automatically. You can always switch to the Desktop version from the Mobile version and back. The Mobile version is a stripped-down version with only essential information. You can go there directly at: or
We hope this helps your mobile computing.


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