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The Importance of Breathing The Young

by Judith Kravitz

Learning to breathe properly is a grossly neglected, critical function that seems to be overlooked in almost all cultures. We teach our young to bathe, brush their teeth, eat properly, social manners, and other daily functions, yet for some reason we have never found it valuable enough to educate our young as to how to breathe or about the many wonderful benefits that come from conscious and open breathing.

The reasons that most of us shut down our breathing early on in life are not complex or difficult to overcome, and yet since so little attention is given to this important matter, most people are stuck with their dysfunctional breathing patterns their whole lives. This, in turn, has had a profound impact on every aspect of their life. The need to teach the young ones to breathe and work with the Breath has become increasingly important as so many big challenges face each new generation.

Children are now ...

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