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Breathing and Breathwork

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Allen Baker Healing
"Allen Baker Healing - Chicago. Allen Baker, Certified Transformational Breath Facilitator."
Breath Dynamics
"Centered in the East Metro Atlanta area of Georgia, we offer Transformational Breath events around the Southeast United States."
Breathe Ann Arbor
"Breathe Ann Arbor is dedicated to sharing the healing and life-enhancing power of the Transformational Breath with interested others, and we offer a range of introductory and advanced Transformational Breath experiences in the Ann Arbor and Midland areas of Michigan as well as in St. Augustine, Florida and environs."
Coaching 4 Wellness
Coaching to heartfully boost the quality and enjoyment of your life, health, well-being, performance and success. Melinda Dewey brings you Transformational Breath and is also a certified Life Coach, Wellness Coach, Licensed HeartMath Provider, and certified Hellerwork Practitioner for two decades.
Inner Joy Paths
"La Respiration Transformatrice, Reiki Usui, Le Gestalt-thérapie, et plus. Transformational Breath, Usui Reiki, Gestalt Therapy and more. Isabelle Verse. Tervuren, Belgique."
Mary Kennedy
"Mary Kennedy is a Transformational Breathworker, certified by the International Breath Institute. She holds a Doctor of Holistic Health from the Clayton School of Natural Healing. Mary is also a Canine Massage Provider, teaching classes in Holistic support for animal wellness."
Patty Alessi
"Patty Alessi serves Long Island, NY with Transformational Breath, Byron Katie's, 'The Work' and Reiki Instruction."
The Art of Breathing
"Breathing exercises and instructions in The Art of Breathing book, video, and DVD revitalize, reduce stress, and improve health, performance, and well-being. Method combines Eastern & Western techniques for Personal Growth. Author Nancy Zi."
Transformal Nefes
"Breathing with Nilgül Tavsel in Istanbul, Turkey. Organizing TBF Seminars and Private Workshops, Life Coaching and Reiki instruction."
"Istanbul, Turkiye'de Nilgül Tavsel'den Transformal Nefes seansları, Judith Kravitz ile birlikte TBF Seminerleri organizasyonu, Yaşam Koclugu ve Reiki Egitimi"
Transformational Breathing Association Nederland
"Our National Assocition Affiliate supporting Transformational Breath in Holland."
Transformational Breath Italia
"Transformational Breath Italy"
Transformational Breath UK
"The Transformational Breath Foundation UK is our United Kingdom National Association Affiliate supporting the development of Transformational Breath® in the UK. They provide general advice about Transformational Breath; advice about Facilitators in the UK; support, training and supervision of Facilitators; professional trainings and workshops; development and research-based practice."
Your Wish is your Reality
"We are here to support you in using your energy and performance in the best way possible, bring more joy and pleasure to your life, motivate you, support you to be the leading role in your life, help you discover real meaning in your life, and help you find out your real wish and real reality. Discover new abilities and techniques such as breathwork to use your power for your personal development."



Transformational Breath®
Official site of the Transformational Breath Foundation -- Transform Your Life, Learn why Breathing is the key to Health and Healing.

Transformational Breath® is a registered trademark of the Transformational Breath Foundation.

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Personal Seminar
w/ Judith
January 14 - 19, 2018
Delray Beach, FL USA

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Damanhur Trip
w/ Judith
November 25 - 30, 2017