Transformational Breath®
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What are the benefits of Transformational Breath?

There are many benefits people realize through the practice of Transformational Breath. These benefits include improved physical health, cleared emotional wounds and enhanced mental capabilities. Many have also found a stronger connection to spirit while cultivating a greater awareness of the breath and self. Your life can open up and become more fulfilling through the practice of Transformational Breath.

How can Transformational Breath be experienced?

You can experience Transformational Breath by coming to an introductory session, a workshop or by registering for the seminars. Typically, after 3 to 10 facilitator guided sessions you will be able to experience Transformational Breath by self-guiding your own personal session.

How does Transformational Breath work?

Your facilitator will use proven gentle movement, sound vibration techniques and simple core affirmations so you achieve and maintain the wave-like "full circular breath" pattern. This activates a high frequency of electromagnetic vibration throughout the body and mind. According to the scientific principle of entrainment, low frequency energy patterns are raised and transformed in the presence of the higher frequency energy state. This clears blockages within the energy systems.

How is Transformational Breath different than other breathing methods?

Judith Kravitz developed Transformational Breath after extensive training and experience in teaching yoga, Rebirthing and many other modalities. Transformational Breath incorporates the best from each of these practices. It insures the fastest, most reliable way to experience a complete and lasting shift physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Transformational Breathing is an important foundation upon which to build the value of other enjoyable breathing practices. It quickly and reliably clears out resistance and gives a powerful jumpstart to the person's overall energy level.

Please see our Q&A Library below for more information concerning other methods of breathwork..

How does Transformational Breath compare with yogic breathing patterns?

Yoga breathers are trained to control the exhale which produces tension and blocks the energy in the solar plexus if they carry it over to everyday breathing. It is essential that those muscles be able to relax fully for free energy flow, as well as have the control for yoga. They are also prana experts so they can really feel when the breath (i.e. energy) flows freely. Transformational Breath is the "Yogic breath of Integration".

Yoga uses the deep belly breathing to support physical stretching and postures. Transformational Breath is not a replacement for the important physical exercise and body toning provided by yoga. However, Transformational Breath achieves different results than yoga and makes the practice of yoga more enjoyable and more effective.

What is the value of learning and practicing Transformational Breath over other holistic approaches to wellness?

If you want significant, immediate and positive change in your life, just try it! Unlike most self-help methods, even your very first session will bring immediate results. There is so much to gain, even from one session. You decide! Group sessions cost only $25-45, and individual sessions range from $50 to $150 depending upon the facilitator. If you decide to engage in more sessions or the training program, you will realize many positive effects. As you do more sessions, your benefits will expand exponentially and within 3 - 10 facilitator coached sessions, you will be able to engage in self-guided sessions, which are free!

How do I prepare for a TB session?

Most facilitators suggest that their clients prepare by wearing loose and comfortable clothing. It is preferable to only eat lightly or not at all before the session. Check with your facilitator about bringing blankets and pillows for comfort along with a journal to record after-session thoughts. It is always recommended for you to bring an open mind and begin to formulate a positive intention for the session.

What can I experience during a Transformational Breath session?

There is no set or predictable experience during or after a session. Since you are an individual, your experience will reflect your uniqueness. Common patterns include tingling sensations, temporary dry mouth, feelings of joy and even mystical adventures. Some experience their buried emotions which are integrated and healed in the session. During the first couple of sessions you may experience tetany. See below for further discussion on tetany.

The session may be occasionally uncomfortable due to the emotional content but it is paradoxically blissful at the same time. In an altered state of consciousness, the individual's higher self guides the healing, providing only what is needed with a feeling of absolute safety. You will leave in a higher vibration with access to higher consciousness. It is best to let go of your expectations and judgments so you can accept the part of you that wants to heal. Every session is unique, based on the pieces that are present for integration.

How does Transformational Breath affect physical health?

The practice of Transformational Breath brings more oxygen to the physical body. Providing more oxygen to the body has been beneficial for many conditions. Every individual has the innate capacity to heal. Transformational Breath enhances each participant's ability to restore balance and well-being in their physical body. Since we use full diaphragmatic breathing, the lymphatic system and pumps are activated and begin to pull the fluids from the cells. This allows the cells to take in more oxygen rich blood and pranic life force. Additionally, the major way our bodies detoxify is through exhaling the carbon dioxide, so the better we breathe, the more effectively we detoxify.

How can Transformational Breath facilitate your innate healing capacity?

Everyone has healing power that is as unique as the individual. You are the healer, not your facilitator. You are responsible for doing the work and believing in your own healing potential. We have found from our experience that healing miracles occur constantly. To list a set of "diseases" or "conditions" treatable or curable by the breathing practice is both limiting and unethical. We make no healing claims!

There are no limits to the power of your breath. Dr. Kravitz healed herself of cancer through the application of conscious breathing techniques. The healings extend way beyond the physical. We have seen miracles occur emotionally, mentally and spiritually. People may transform dramatically and permanently on many levels even after one session. The ability to transform one's life in a positive fashion only gets better with practice.

It is medically proven that many "dis-" eases are anaerobic, meaning they cannot live in an oxygenated field. Cancer is one of these diseases. When we breathe better the innate ability of the body to heal and function perfectly is enhanced and all systems improve.

What problems may be alleviated through Transformational Breath?

Participants in Transformational Breath may experience resolution of many different situations, problems and issues during a session and afterwards. The source of all healings and solutions comes from within the individual and from their connection with their Higher Self. In Transformational Breath, many deep feelings are resolved. We believe the mind and emotions can create physical symptoms and conditions. The resolution of these feelings may connect with, affect and improve physical conditions within the body.

Please see our Q&A Library below for further information on medical conditions. And read our Medical Disclaimer (Terms and Conditions page)

Is Transformational Breath dangerous?

It is not dangerous to breathe. It is good to breathe openly, deeply and frequently. This is the ultimate goal of Transformational Breath. Breathing correctly brings more life and more energy to the individual.

Some have thought that Transformational Breath is dangerous because by breathing in a continuous cycle the C02 levels could be lowered and cause hyperventilation. Because one is coached to exhale in a relaxed fashion, the CO2 levels are not depleted and the oxygen levels are increased but the blood does not become alkaloid. Transformational Breath oxygenates the blood which has a positive chemical response in the body. The brain releases beneficial chemicals such as endorphins and neuropeptides that create feelings of joy and ecstasy.

Some also hold the opinion that breathing too much is bad and actually deprives our body from oxygen. This has not been found to be true with the Transformational Breath experience. The body needs oxygen as one of its main components to flourish and survive. Breathing more and more openly gives the body more energy and life force to function. It also creates a healthier cellular state. If one were blowing or emphasizing the exhale that might decrease the quantity of CO2. Transformational Breath guards against that kind of breathing pattern and the sessions give the body exactly the oxygen it requires while keeping the appropriate levels of CO2.

Is it alright for individuals with health problems to do TB?

Many individuals with a wide diversity of health issues have safely benefited from Transformational Breath. It is important for participants to inform their facilitator of their health issues before a session. Within the Level IV facilitator training, Judith teaches the facilitators to work with individuals whose health has been compromised. It is always recommended that an individual check with their licensed health care provider. Breathing better is a great adjunct to better health and healing any condition.

Does Transformational Breath offer different benefits than exercise to increase oxygenation and decrease stress?

Although it offers some of the same benefits, Transformational Breath is not a replacement for a regular exercise program. Nor does exercise offer all of the benefits of Transformational Breathing, since the intention and energy generated during a breath session is not all used up by the demands of physical stress. The energy generated by the sheer act of circular breathing remains available to heal various aspects of the body, mind and spirit, according to the intention set for the session by the individual.

Aerobic exercise and other breathing practices usually become much easier to master once the breath has opened, transformed the body, mind and spirit energies. Many people who exercise do not have an open breath, and thereby create strain and over exert trying to give the body the oxygen it needs. Sometimes the breathing required to fuel the body during exertion can bring up unpleasant feelings and emotions from the subconscious mind. Most people stop breathing during exercise without realizing it in order to avoid the conscious awareness of such uncomfortable feelings. Once such feelings have been transformed and the breath mechanism is opened up, resistance to exercise tends to drop away. Maintaining a regular regimen can then become an enjoyable reality.

Is it alright for a pregnant woman to have a TB session?

Many midwives, doctors and mothers have reported that Transformational Breath is a very good practice for both the mother and the baby. Bringing oxygen into the system is a positive thing. Both the mother and unborn child need good quality oxygen in sufficient quantities during pregnancy. No one has ever indicated that breathing would harm an unborn child in any way other than if the mother had a lot of toxins in her system for example from heavy drug use. The breathing could cause it to "dump" a lot of the toxins right away and the baby would be subjected to some of those toxins.

The physical, mental and emotional benefits of Transformational Breath are very valuable during pregnancy. As the pregnancy progresses, the respiratory system is compromised by the growing baby. Transformational Breath allows the system to compensate for this condition. It is good to breathe through fears and trust the process of life that is happening. The breath and life force are an integral part of pregnancy. The use of the integrated breath during the labor contractions will help integrate the intensity of sensations.

In troubled, stressed pregnancies or during the last trimester we make sure that the woman is comfortable. The best position is propped up with pillows under the knees. Start with a slower breath, full but not necessarily connected. If you keep a gentler pace the body's wisdom will take over and the system will not be over-worked. It is helpful for the mother to set an intention to resolve any fears and breathe through them while connecting with the unborn child. The oxygen is good for both the mom and the baby. Transformational Breath will definitely decrease emotional and physical stress. Toning during the session is ok, however pounding and kicking would best be left out of the session. Affirmations of health and perfection are great ways to set an intention for a pregnant participant.

Please see our Q&A Library below for more information on Pregnancy.

How does Transformational Breath affect the emotions?

The process may evoke and resolve repressed emotions. Participants may experience joy or sadness during a session. The Transformational Breath session promotes low energy vibrational patterns to entrain with higher vibrational states. Former negative feelings stored in the cellular memory are often transformed into feelings of acceptance and gratitude for having experienced the situation that produced the original perceptions and emotional responses. Individuals have reported feeling more positive in their emotional states and less stress.

What is the relationship between Transformational Breath and spiritual growth?

You do not need to have any specific beliefs, religious or otherwise, to experience Transformational Breath. The Transformational Breath Foundation does not promote any religious belief system. Instead it embraces all paths that lead an individual to connect with Source and to the full expression of our spiritual nature. The process of Transformational Breath may shift your belief system. Virtually all who engage in Transformational Breath find that their spiritual growth is accelerated, as awareness expands. In the final analysis, your beliefs will be formed and re-formed by your life experiences and the insights you glean from any spiritual practice. Transformational Breath accelerates this process.

What is the third level of breathing, often referred to as the spiritual level?

Easterners have known for thousands of years that the breath is the ultimate pathway to God. The third level of Transformational Breath is using our breath to connect more fully with spirit and express our spiritual nature more fully. As we continue to clear the negativity in our subconscious, an opening or pathway is created to our higher consciousness. This allows us greater access to the mystic part of ourselves and life itself. The more we practice Transformational Breathing, the more we experience the spiritual level and the joy that is found in spirit.

Is there an optimum way to breathe, as we go about our daily business?

It is not recommended to use the circular pattern we use in the sessions, but rather to be aware of our breathing throughout the day. We need to make sure we are using our full respiratory system and that we do not hold our breath. We encourage individuals to breathe as fully as possible and keep the breath flowing in and out without long pauses. This will keep us open, energized and connected. After doing Transformational Breath we become more aware of the times and circumstances that cause us to close our breath. We can make a conscious effort to keep our breath open and work through the issues or feelings that close our breathing down.

Can an individual who has participated in Levels 1 through 3 facilitate a session for another person?

It is very important that folks DO NOT facilitate others after Levels 1-3, as the focus for that program is Personal Transformation. If someone wants to facilitate others then they need to take Level IV, Professional Facilitator Training, which is done over three five-day sessions. It can be harmful and irresponsible to facilitate others in this powerful work without being trained in it. While it is simple and pure it is also very powerful. Folks who are not trained properly are in over their heads with what could come up and not know how to fully deal with it. Facilitating others in Transformational Breath is highly rewarding and it is very important to be trained properly.