* Facilitator Retreat & Reunion - California *

"One more Recertification Opportunity"

October 26 - 27, 2017
Vina de Lestonnac
Temecula, CA USA

Vina de Lestonnac

Join Judith for a 1.5 day Facilitator Retreat & Reunion in the beautiful wine country of California.

* Featuring: Breathing, Updates, Support, New Breaths, Community Building.
* Retreat will be followed by a NEW weekend "Breath and Spirit" Training, October 28-29th. Breathworkers can attend or Facilitate there too.
* Retreat will also qualify as a RECERTIFICATION Event.

TBF Office

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* Special Mexico Seminar *

"Pro-bono Women's Prison Project"

October 16 - October 21, 2017
Morelia, Michoacan, Mexico

Calling all Spanish-speaking Facilitators!

Do you speak Spanish? Do you want to make a HUGE difference in someone’s life?
This special event is part of Senior Trainer Eugenia Altamira's vision to give back and help the community. For several years now she has been taking volunteer facilitators to a women's prison in Morelia Michoacan, México. This year in coordination with the prison's authorities we are organizing the first Transformational Breath® Seminar for the inmates.


The long-term plan is to train the staff as Facilitators and offer the option to the inmates. Many of them would love to learn a skill that can help them rejoin society as a productive member, once they fulfill their sentence. Can you imagine the difference this can make in their lives? In the lives of others in their community?

The prison authorities hope that this will be the beginning of a successful program that can someday be implemented at other prisons.

Although the Seminar is not open to the public we are inviting Spanish-speaking Facilitators and Facilitator Interns who might be interested in participating to contact us., Both male and female facilitators can participate.

Laura Altamira

* 2017 Trainer Retreat - Italy *

"Renewal * Reunion * Retreat"

December 4 - 8, 2017
Tuscany, Italy


Trainers & Senior Trainers, Join Judith for:
* Breathing * Sound and Voice * Unconditional Love Clearing Process *
* Insights on Breathing Analysis * TBF Structure *
* Advanced Techniques * Business Insights *

Indalecia Ziritt

Tuition €750 (€825 after August 1). Major credit cards accepted. Deposit (€250) required by Sept. 30.

Fulfills annual Recertification requirement.

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* 2017 Damanhur Journey to the Divine *

"See the 8th Wonder of the World!"

November 25 - 30, 2017
Northern Italy


Featuring the underground Temple of Human-kind. Situated on the intersecting points of four of the Earth’s synchronic Ley Lines, it is one of the most powerful energy spots on the planet. The temple is an unprecedented 11 story work of art and beauty.

Walk the Labyrinths of Damanhur, study Damanhurian forms of healing, community, spiritual life, and art forms. Take a day to visit THE EGYPTIAN MUSEUM OF TURIN and experience THE SHROUD OF TURIN.

The community of over 900 citizens at Damanhur models a new cultural paradigm of conscious living. With technologies and socio-political systems so advanced, you will marvel at the possibilities. We will spend five days at Damanhur, doing chakra breathing, Transformational Movement and Dance, Sacred Sound, while exploring the waterfall of experiences of the Damanhutian culture, with their own form of healing, art, dance, language, monetary systems, educational program and relationship models. We feast on wholesome and delicious cuisine.

Cost of the entire program, includes:
All food, shared rooms, entrance fees and transportation to and from Milan Malpensa International Airport on 11/25 and 11/30.
$2450 USD per person. ($4500 for couples), if registered by 8/1/2017.
Add $250 per person ($500 per couple) after 8/1/2017.
Enrollment is numbered, so if you are being called to join us, do not hesitate.

TBF Office
1.866.515.4040 (toll-free) or 603.286.8333 (local)

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* Seminars for Africa Refugees *

"New Africa Projects"

Part of a continuing project.
Last dates: October 4 - 9, 2015

This is a special seminar for Refugees living in Nairobi, Kenya who have come places like The Congo, Rwanda, and Burundi. We have been working with them for some time now and the need to go deeper was very high. There is no better way to dive deeper into healing for these people who have been traumatized by war and many other life issues than offering them a Transformational Breath Seminar.

For the refugees

  • First seminar in a series depending on the availability of funds.
  • NOT open to the public.
  • We would appreciate any Support: financial aid or sending supplies to help the refugees.

Account Name: Breathe Africa International
Account Number: 01148421828200
Bank: Co-Operative Bank Of Kenya
Swift Code: KCOOKENA
Branch: Ngong
P.O.Box 1036 - 00208
Ngong, Kenya

TO HELP, please Contact:
Vincent Oloo, Director of Breathe Africa



Registration may be required for breathwork events. Get in early. Call or email today!

<<September 2017>>

"Damanhur is extraordinary! Quite unbelievable.
The energy, the art, the people - amazing!"
~ Raya King, Los Angeles

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