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TIBA-Africa Projects

TIBA' Africa's progress has been remarkable, both because of their efforts and those who have reached out in donation. In 2013 your caring and donations helped TIBA get a permanent spot on the Global Giving website. A brief update on their biggest and latest projects:

1) TIBA's Give Me Another Chance.

This project is an old and serious issue. Here TIBA aims to reach into the slums of Nairobi to help those with HIV/AIDS. We do not think much in the West of HIV anymore but in parts of the developing world, one cannot escape the spectre of the disease.

Find out more and click the HIV Project Fund-raising page.


2) The Abundance School

The school is in Nairobi's Kiberia slums. Imagine in the West if you had 80 children of various ages trying to learn in one modest and crowded room. That would be unthinkable but that is the reality that TIBA seeks to improve. They need to divide the room, secure more teachers, get books, equipment, building material, and provide the children with a healthy meal every day; and with proper sanitation.

Learn more and please click the School's Fund-raising page.

TIBA-Africa is associated with TBF and TBF-UK. Find them online: www.facebook.com/breath.kenya and www.tiba-africa.com.
And visit the Charitable Giving Page on TBF-UK website.

"Breathe Africa" Refugees Seminars

For the refugees Continuing TBF Africa Projects is a Series of Private Charitable Seminars for Refugees from countries like The Congo, Burundi and Rwanda.

Latest Seminar dates: October 4 - 9, 2015.

These Seminars are held in Kenya and led by Vincent Oloo and his Breathe Africa team.

They are NOT for the public but are run for the humanitarian relief they may provide. As they are no-cost for participants, they requires funds to produce.

If you can help the cause with monetary assistance or by sending equipment and supplies it is appreciated.

Account Name: Breathe Africa International
Account Number: 01148421828200
Bank: Co-Operative Bank Of Kenya
Swift Code: KCOOKENA
Branch: Ngong
P.O.Box 1036 - 00208
Ngong, Kenya

Contact Vincent at vincent@breathe-africa.com.Find Breathe Africa online at: www.breathe-africa.com

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