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The Foundation

The Transformational Breath Foundation (TBF), is under the leadership and vision of Dr. Judith Kravitz. They are currently headquartered in the State of New Hampshire, incorporated under the name Breath Ventures Inc.

Judith has certified over 2000 facilitators worldwide to guide Transformational Breath® sessions. She has also taught over 300 instructors to teach this most powerful form of breathwork. Transformational Breath has been facilitated with hundreds of thousands of people over 3 full decades in 45 countries. Our Breathwork Training Programs are available in 10 languages.

Our Mission

"To Educate and Share this Breathwork System
with interested individuals and groups
without discrimination or limitation".

Our Breathwork Logo

Our Vision

  • To bring Transformational Breath into educational systems, prisons, rehabilitation centers, to those experiencing sickness or need.
  • To establish Transformational Breath as an available and fundamental tool to assist in staying healthy, energized, mentally and emotionally clear, and have the ability to be fully present to our Spiritual Nature in its full expression.
  • To establish Breathwork Training Centers and teachers throughout the world to support the education and sharing of Transformational Breath with individuals and those wanting to improve their breathing and to train professionally.
  • To support the ushering in of higher levels of Consciousness and Well-Being.
  • To educate as many as possible through personal instruction and sessions, written materials, classes and trainings, and other means of media the importance and methods of effective and integrative breathing.
  • To hold and practice the awareness of Miracle Consciousness for all life and the planet.
  • To support breathwork research, charitable projects, and works that are in service to the greater global good.

Board of Directors*

Dr. Judith Kravitz, New Hampshire USA ♡
Moni Osborne, California USA
Cynthia Wikoff, New Hampshire USA
Jessica Unmaniji King, Florida USA
Abe Taliaferro, California USA

* Board members are the legal principals, and govern the corporation.
♡ Board Chair

TBF International Officers**

C-Level Officers

Dr. Judith Kravitz
President, CFO, CEO
Cynthia Wikoff
Chief Operating Officer

Executive Officers

Abe Taliaferro
Legal & Compliance Officer
Dr. Nadja Benschop
Medical Officer
Eugenia Altamira
Curriculum Coordinator
Stephen Gooby
TBF Europe
Manal al-Musallam
TBF Arab World
Eugenia Altamira
TBF Latin America
Abe Taliaferro
TBF Trans-national

TBF Asia

TBF Africa

TBF Indo-Pacific

** Officers manage all business functions.

Dr. Judith Kravitz

Judith Kravitz Dr. Judith Kravitz has devoted almost four full decades to breathwork. She shares a profound and yet simple breathwork process with hundreds of thousands of individuals which can improve an individual's well being in a single session. She is a warm and engaging teacher, who radiates tremendous joy as she works with others. While being a mother of eight, Dr. Kravitz has pursued her passion to improve the well-being and raise the consciousness of individuals through the breath.

As a leading expert in the world of breathwork, Dr. Kravitz's career has positively impacted millions of individuals in over 35 countries. The techniques shared in Transformational Breath® benefit the participant's body, mind and spirit. Weaving multi-disciplinary knowledge, she has the expertise to facilitate and teach breathwork in a way that provides greater wellness without adverse side effects.

"Judith continues to mold the crest of
Conscious Breathwork throughout the world."

Dr. Kravitz has received accolades from many well-known people including Deepak Chopra M.D., Christine Northrup, M.D., Goldie Hawn, Norman Lear plus many others. She has volumes of testimonials of those who have benefited from Transformational Breath. Dr. Kravitz completely cleared herself of throat cancer using the techniques she teaches and has witnessed thousands of transformative healings in others.

Dr. Kravitz's book, "Breathe Deep, Laugh Loudly", documents the tremendous diversity of lives which have been permanently transformed using Transformational Breath. Dr. Kravitz is an ordained minister with a doctorate degree in metaphysical studies. She has taught at prestigious wellness centers and educational institutions such as the Chopra Center, the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, and the Omega Institute.

Our Professional Providers

Persson, & Weldon-Francke (Legal Services - Laconia, NH)

Robert Langford Photography (Photography/Videography Services - Stockbridge, GA)

Tape And Disc Services
(CD/DVD Replication - Gladstone, OR)


Transformational Breath®
is a Registered Trademark of
The Transformational Breath Foundation.

US Trademark Certificate
Turkish Trademark Certificate 1
Turkish Trademark Certificate 2


Breath Ventures Inc.
conducts business as The
Transformational Breath Foundation.

Incorporation Filing
Tradename Registration

Legal questions may be
directed to: Legal Dept.

Breathworkers Jen and Angelika

"If you are searching for
Peace, Joy and Well-being,
Transformational Breath can facilitate greater Wellness, Clarity and Balance in life. The shift towards Wholeness is simply a few breaths away."

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